Thank you for the pink

Thank you for the pink

An old red tanker
And me,
And that was it.

Saying thank you
For the pink and the orange
Of the sky.

Nothing special—
Certainly not
An epiphany.

An absolutely ordinary
And ordinary sea.

The smell of damp firewood
And wet earth
Just turned over.

I wanted to go home,
But the dark carnation sun
Had other plans.

It wanted me to push on,
With my arms raised
Like an illuminated Pentecostal.

The old red tanker
Sailed on slowly,
Proud of its indifference.

A girl told me once I was lucky
There was someone
I could say thank you to.

She was right.


About danielhszabo

I guess if I continue like this I'll be able to call myself a writer. For now I'm just an English literature and translation teacher in beautiful Brittany.
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4 Responses to Thank you for the pink

  1. Rima Dadenji says:

    This is lovely. It had a flashback. It reminded me of a moment in a film. Exotica by Atom Egoyan. I don’t know why. I saw it when i was 17 or 18 years old. I will try to find the dialogue online.

    Christina: Do you have a lot of friends?
    Eric: Not really…
    Christina: Do you ever wish you did?
    Eric: Yeah.
    Christina: When?
    Eric: Well… like… now, for instance.
    Christina: Why?
    Eric: Well… I just met you. And I feel like telling somebody about it.

  2. jacquiboxall says:

    Love it. Yes thank you for the pink!

  3. waterjug says:

    I love the faith. Sometimes I have it too. Thank you, Daniel, for such one moment.

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